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Our company is engaged in the development and promotion of new technologies and methods for restoring and boosting athletic performance, as well as in promotion of high-tech methods of general health improvement. We constantly analyse new trends, select and test the best technologies, and also offer our clients training and coaching. We sell state-of-the-art equipment for the application of these methods. Our basic technology is a method of interval normobaric hypoxic training (IHHT), we have been working with it since the 1980-s.

The head of our company,  Arkadi Prokopov is a physician for integrative medicine, a specialist in hypoxic training, an expert in mitochondrial medicine, who has over 30 years of experience with IHHT, including more than 15 years of experience with elite athletes on both sides of the Atlantic. A. Prokopov developed a unique, highly individualized protocols of hypoxic training (MITOPRO – MiTochodria Optimization PROtocol). He is the author of many scientific and popular works in the field of biomedicine, and use of interval hypoxic training in sports and biogerontology. He holds 2 patents on this topic.

A. Prokopov graduated from the 1 st Moscow Medical Institute nam. Sechenov in 1980 on the speciality “Internal Medicine.” He worked as a practical physician, then more than 10 years he was a research fellow of the biomedical research institute, dealing with problems of prevention and treatment of stress-related conditions in professional divers, cosmonauts, and military. He prepared a dissertation on the relevant topic.

Since 1994 he worked as a doctor in Germany, in 2000 – 2004 he worked in the USA as an expert in IHHT. From 2008 – up to the present he conducts clinical research in the field of integrative and mitochondrial medicine and offers consultations, training and education for physicians on the island of. Mallorca, Spain. A. Prokopov conducts training of practitioners and physicians for his proprietary method of hypoxic training, providing  seminars in Moscow and in Mallorca. Among the clients of A. Prokopov are elite athletes, the business tykoons from Russia and Germany, as well as the German show business celebrities.

From 2009 to 2016 – head of the scientific board of the company Cellgym Technologies GmbH (Berlin), developing technologies of mitochondrial medicine.

Since 2010 – Representative of the project “Mitotechnology” in Spain and Portugal.

Since 2016 – head of Athletic HighTech S.L.

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