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1. What is hypoxic training, who and why need it?

Hypoxic training helps rejuvenate, regenerate mitochondria, return their structure and functions to a more “youthful” state.
The molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a universal energy carrier, the “energy currency” for all living things. It is produced continuously by intracellular “power stations” – microscopic MITOCHONDRIA, oxidizing fuel contained in our food: carbohydrates and fats.
Almost every cell of your body has many thousands of mitochondria. Working tirelessly, the mitochondria of a person weighing about 75 kg. produce in a day about the same amount of ATP by weight. Mitochondria generate up to 98% of all the energy we need. In addition, they are necessary for many other vital processes.
Mitochondria biologically oxidize carbohydrates and fats, just as electricity generators or automobile engines burn gasoline and diesel fuel. Both the motors and mitochondria of our cells wear out over time, reducing the yield of useful energy, increasing fuel consumption and the release of toxic, under-oxidized products, the so-called free radicals.
Today it is proven that mitochondrial wear-and tear, which leads to oxidative stress, lies at the very basis of physical and mental performance decline, is the main cause of fatigue, as well as it underpins the vast majority of chronic diseases, such as typical “diseases of civilization” and many diseases of aging.
It is especially important for athletes to have healthy mitochondria that are undamaged by oxidative stress. But it is exactly the extreme sports loads combined with various harmful factors (deficiency of vitamins, trace elements, minerals, lack of sleep, intoxications, etc. …) are more likely to compromise mitochondria.
Hypoxic training helps rejuvenate, regenerate mitochondria, return their structure and functions to a more “youthful” state. The correct application of the method makes it possible to precisely eliminate the damaged, mutated mitochondria in the cells of vital organs: the brain, the heart, the kidneys, the endocrine glands, muscles, and so on, and then stimulate in them the reproduction of healthy, biologically more “youthful” mitochondria.
As a result, there is an increase in physical and mental performance and sports endurance, the overall energy level rises, the signs of aging recede and the causes of chronic diseases are suppressed. In addition, the patient’s need for medications is reduced, and their undesirable side effects are minimized.

2. When will you see (feel) the results?

Many note the beneficial effects of hypoxic training after the first session. Headaches stop, anxiety and depression go away, the mood rises. Diabetics often note a lower blood glucose level just after the first session. The initial cycle of “repairing” mitochondria in healthy people takes two to four weeks, in athletes – about one week. Further, the periodic application of the method allows to maintain mitochondria in an optimal functional state continuously and without great efforts.
3. What are the specific features of the IHHT method for athletes?
Depending on the schedule of preparation for the competition, the hypoxic training must be varied, optimized, preparing the peack of performance for the competitive season. In different phases of the seasonal cycle one have to adjust hypoxic training, individualized metabolic and vitamin support, precisely matching it with the rhythmus of training and recovery to address it to physiological systems of the athlete’s organism. Our program allows to individualize, very accurately dose and potentiate the training load, accelerate the recovery of the body and the regeneration of tissues after injuries, and significantly reduce sports injuries.

4. How safe and effective is IHHT ?

The safety of hypoxic training in general, and IHHT particularly, has been convincingly proved by decades of practical application in medicine and sports. Its effectiveness depends on the exact following of the individual protocol and the execution of instructions, especially at the beginning of the method application.

5. Where and how can I get an individual consultation on the use of the method?

When purchasing a hypoxicator, the client receives an introductory workshop free of charge. In addition, you can order individual consultation, personal coaching, and we offer the opportunity to undergo an in-depth training course in Mallorca with subsequent support via the Internet.

6. How much does it cost?

The athlete must purchase the hypoxicator for personal use. Depending on the model, the price can vary from 8 to 15 thousand euros. Initial training in Mallorca costs, depending on the tasks facing the athletes, from 1 to 3 thousand euros for 2 – 3 weeks course.

7. Why you can be trusted?

We have been using the method successfully for more than 30 years, also for ourselves. Our specialists directly participated in its development and working on further improvement. Hypoxic training is widely used in training of special contingents (working under extreme conditions, divers, astronauts, etc.). We adapted the method for the elderly, bringing its application to perfection during years of working with athletes, sick and healthy people. The method works reliably in everyone – from super-trained elite athletes – to disabled patients. The age range of our grateful customers is from 2 to 90-plus years.

8. Why did you hardly hear anything about this method?

Despite the fact that the method exists since the late 1970s and is used for training athletes, as well as in many clinics, sanatoriums, and in military, it still remains almost unknown and inaccessible to those who can benefit most. The reason for this is largely an obsolete, unreliable, inconvenient for the user equipment. In addition, in its orthodox, classical variant, the method is used only for about 50% of its inherent possibilities. Recent polls revealed that up to 80% of professional athletes use hypoxic training in preparation for competitions. But almost none of them talk about it. Would personally you share the secrets of success with your rivals?
In addition, pharma-oriented medicine is not inclined to promote natural methods that reduce the need for patients in medicines. But everything changes. Today we offer a very reliable and convenient equipment, ideally suited for home use, including for the whole family and allowing you to immediately evaluate and share the results of your training with your supporting specialist via the Internet.

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