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Today, it is widely accepted that athletes who will win competitions, have to use scientifically – based methods for training and recovery.

One of the most effective technologies used today by both professional athletes and amateurs is the simulated altitude (normobaric hypoxic) training. For this purpose, quite sophisticated devices, called  hypoxic generators, that produce respiratory air with a reduced oxygen content, are used. The method of normobaric intermittent hypoxic training allows you to get all the benefits of high altitude training and even more, while remaining at sea level environment.

There are various devices offered on the market that allow you to conduct all high-altitude simulation training protocols known today, such as: Live High-Train Low (LHTL), Live Low-Train High (LLTH), physical exercising during hypoxic breathing, intermittent hypoxic training at rest, sleeping in a hypoxic tent, and so on. On the other hand, there are little, or no practical information available for athletes and coaches to learn the principles and methods of the hypoxic training.

For the first time in Europe our school offers education in the use of advanced hypoxic training (the Intermittent Hypoxic – Hyperoxic Training (IHHT) and other breakthrough technologies for preparation of athletes. The IHHT method is characterized by exceptional safety and remarkable efficiency, which is confirmed by decades of its successful application in the training of athletes, in sports medicine, aerospace medicine, regenerative medicine and biogerontology. We provide education and training for professional and hobby athletes, as well as for personal trainers and fitness – wellness instructors, and for enthusiasts of healthy longevity. You can learn how to apply hypoxic hi-tech to boost your athletic achievements, prevent sports injuries and accelerate healing, and just how to improve your health and health of your loved ones.

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