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HYPOXICATOR EVEREST AHT 01E  WITH BIOFEEDBACK AND AUTOMATIC CONTROL The device is designed as a suitcase on wheels and equipped with one outlet for attaching a respiratory mask. The range of oxygen concentration in the respiratory mixture can vary from 9 to 16%, vol. Oxygen channel provides O2 concentration from 29 to 33% vol. Total weight 21 kg. Dimensions 500 × 410 × 200 mm. 

The Altitude simulator, hypoxicator “Everest AHT – 01E” – is a 4th generation breathing trainer designed for use both at home and by professionals. The purpose of the device is conducting controlled intermittent normobaric hypoxic training. Such training is highly efficient for improving of the athletic performance, as well as is useful in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of many diseases and conditions.
1. The device is controlled with a cable – connected touch-sensitive screen display, which is very convenient for the user. The display shows all the parameters of the current session. The control of the device is user-friendly and convenient even for all users. The device can be controlled in 4 languages: Russian, English, German and Spanish.
2. The device has 36 preinstalled programs and the ability to individually compose and apply training programs for all initial levels of fitness and health status of users: from detrained bedridden, chronic patients to athletes of the Olympic level. There are special programs for training climbers and freedivers, as well as an individual manual control mode. The highest level of user safety is achieved through preset and adjustable limits of the depth of hypoxic desaturation based on the feedback parameters.
3. Automatic control of the session is carried out according to the principle of biofeedback through the signal of the finger sensor of the pulse oximeter. It is possible to manually adjust the O2 level during the running session. The parameters of the current session are continuously displayed and at the end of session can be transferred to the cloud server for long-term storage and analysis by a specialist. During and at the end of the session, the index of the hypoxic training (the total “dose” of the hypoxic load received by a user in this training) is also displayed.
4. There is also a special program for testing the functional state of capillary endothelium in a user.
5. The oxygen concentration in the breathing hypoxic mixture is adjusted in 0.5% steps in the range from 9% to 16%. The oxygen concentration in the hyperoxic mixture is 30%.
6. The performance of the apparatus allows it to be used for training at rest and during physical training (breathing a hypoxic mixture while working on a bicycle ergometer, treadmill, etc.). It can be used to supply a constant hypoxic mixture to a special tent for sleeping (used by climbers).
7. The device can operate in the oxygen concentrator mode (long-term supply of a hyperoxic mixture).
8. There is an electronic counter of the compressor operating hours.
9. During the operation of the apparatus, the breathing gas flow is visualized in different colors: Green – air is supplied, Blue – hyperoxic flow, Red – hypoxic flow.
10. A useful function when renting a device: the ability to use a digital key to limit the operating time of the device (1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, etc.) and remotely enter a new key.
11. The export version of the ANT – 01E apparatus weighs 21 kg. The device is assembled in a shock-resistant metal case with a retractable handle. The device is resistant to vibration and shock, which allows it to be conveniently and safely transported by air luggage or in the trunk of a car.
12. The design of the apparatus uses the latest advances in molecular gas separation technology, so it does not need consumables and replacement components (such as air filters, or an oxygen sensor). The only consumable resource is electrical current from the household socket (220 V – 50 Hz, or 110 V – 60 Hz).
13. Manufacturer’s warranty – 3 years from the date of sale (for individual household use). With professional use of the device, the warranty is given according to the lifespan of the compressor.



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