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According to experts, hypoxic training is one of the most powerful weapons in the preparation of athletes, as well as it contributes to the arsenal of preventive and rehabilitative medicine. Safety and effectiveness of hypoxic training is proven by more than half a century of successful application. The most practical and effective mode of hypoxic training is normobaric interval hypoxic training, for which apparatuses – hypoxicators have been developed. The modern hypoxicator of the fourth generation is a very powerful machine that can alleviate the hard way to the heights of sporting achievements and health. Compare this device with a car that comfortably takes you from city A to city B. For the success of an enterprise you need only a little: to be able to operate the car in different conditions and in any weather. The same can be said about the normobaric hypoxic training, which the hypoxicator apparatus serves. The training program should be individual, suitable for you, in order to get the maximum benefit from hypoxic training.

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